December 6, 2023

Medical Cases: Parents Falsely Accused of Abuse

ABC ACTION NEWS TAMPA BAY (1/14/2020): Florida parents wrongly accused of child abuse by state experts is ‘shocking,’ says lawmaker A Florida lawmaker believes the state’s medical experts on child abuse need more checks and balances after an I-team investigation revealed several pediatricians have made questionable calls against parents who appeared to have done everything right.

SARASOTA HERALD (12/10/19): Florida doctor too quick to diagnose child abuse, critics say Critics say powerful pediatrician too quick to diagnose child abuse, traumatizing families.

ABC ACTION NEWS TAMPA BAY (11/25/19): What happens when Florida child abuse pediatricians get it wrong? Florida families around the state are speaking out about being wrongly accused of child abuse by experts hired by the state to identify abuse.

NBC NEWS (12/5/2019): Hundreds of parents say kids wrongly taken from them after doctors misdiagnosed abuse “They made us feel like we were monsters,” said a Florida mother who temporarily lost custody of her 4-month-old son based on a doctor’s report.

NBC NEWS (11/12/2019): Parents call for reforms to protect families from mistaken child abuse allegations Texas lawmakers pledge to “learn from past mistakes” as parents recall the pain of having children taken following disputed doctor reports.

HOUSTON CHRONICLE (11/7/2019): ‘Please don’t take my children’ After their baby fell, doctors reported abuse. But a judge said it was CPS that harmed their kids.

HOUSTON CHRONICLE (10/24/19): Burned by ‘bad science’ A doctor’s questionable opinion can help send caregivers to prison

HOUSTON CHRONICLE (10/10/2019): ‘Imminent Danger’ Doctors report moms who seek excessive medical care. But sometimes it’s the evidence that’s overstated.

HOUSTON CHRONICLE (9/19/019): A devastating diagnosis Doctors trained to spot child abuse can save lives — or tear families apart, a Houston Chronicle/NBC News investigation found.